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Navigating the Impact of Nitrosamines in the Life Sciences Industry

Dec 08, 2020 | | Life Sciences
In this blog, Camille Pierres, Senior Expert at the Altran World Class Center dedicated to Compliance and Performance in Life Sciences, answers critical questions to help life sciences companies understand...
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How to Migrate Applications to a Container-Managed Microservices Architecture

Oct 20, 2020 | | Product Transformation Services
PART 1: The era of monolithic enterprise applications is over. To stay competitive, companies must transition their applications to microservices and container-managed architectures. For decades, software companies have developed monolithic...
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Part 2: How AI and ML can boost network lab performance

Sep 18, 2020 | | AI/ML,Communications Service Providers
By leveraging AI and ML, CSPs, NEPs and telecom-focused ISVs can improve the efficiency and performance of their network labs and drive better user experience. This is the second of...
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Part 1: Boost network lab performance with AI and ML

Jul 15, 2020 | | AI/ML,Communications Service Providers
The Problem. Communications service providers (CSPs), network equipment providers (NEPs) and telecom-focused independent software vendors (ISVs) host and operate dedicated network labs to validate new services, evaluate and test the...
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Is a cloud-native architecture the best fit for 5G?

Jul 01, 2020 | | Communications Service Providers,DevOps
There are a number of virtualization techniques that 5G can use. While it’s not quite ready for prime time, a cloud-native architecture is a front runner. Telecommunications companies have been...
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Understanding Microservice Architecture — Nature’s Way

Apr 16, 2020 | | Product Support Services
Understanding what it takes to monitor and support applications using Microservices Architecture. Microservice Architecture is an architectural practice and a way of life in which each service is self-contained and...
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Is Audit & Automate a 2020 Resolution?

Mar 18, 2020 | | Intelligent Automation,Product Transformation Services
Auditing process using “Process Mining” and “Process analytics” keeps RPA on Track. The last decade was dedicated to Automation where Robotic Process Automation moved to mainstream reality through multiple phases...
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5 Key Service Attributes of Carrier Ethernet

Jul 09, 2012 | | Communications Service Providers,Networking Equipment Providers
According to industry analysts, Ethernet services are steadily eroding revenues generated from traditional Frame Relay, ATM, and private line services. With cloud-based services revolutionizing user behavior and network resource utilization,...
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Three Key Questions to Ask When Implementing Your SoC
in 5nm Technology
Today, many fabless chip design companies are actively evaluating the suitability of 5nm process technology...
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Building Efficient Disaggregated Fronthaul Networks
The first 5G networks were rolled out in 2018. The 5G journey is a marathon...
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Optimizing Regression Testing Through Test Prioritization
Why Strategize Testing? Regression testing is just one of many forms of testing that can...
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Making the Case for Intelligent Testing
IDC Technology white paper spotlight on Altran’s Intelligent Testing: The frequency and volume of software...
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Pushing AI Towards Innovative New Use Cases
In order to get the most out of new technologies that use AI and machine...
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Building Tomorrow’s IoT Architecture
As the Internet of Things continues to grow exponentially, it’s important to build the IoT...
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